How to get a boyfriend | Get a boyfriend | Make a boyfriend

 How to get a boyfriend | Get a boyfriend | Make a boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend who’s all that the following:

U may have found the perfect guy in the world, & u may be wondering how 2 tell him that u like him. Or perhaps, u may be completely clueless & waiting 4 some1 2 approach u & ask u out.
Either ways, if u are interested in knowing how to get a boyfriend, u need 2 
know how 2 become irresistible 2 guys in the first place.

How 2 be an irresistible girl:

Knowing how to get a boyfriend is all about knowing how 2 be the irresistible girl who can be desired by boys.Here are the following tips that can change the way boys see u, & make u irresistible.

Bold Personality:

U would not like a guy who does not have a personality. So why would a great guy like u if u do not have it either. Now if u really want 2 know how to get a boyfriend who’s fancied by all girls & admired by all guys, u need 2 build urself a personality.U need 2 be cheerful & nice, but at the same time, u need 2 create an aura of confidence around urself. do not be the clown or some1 who can be pushed around easily by every1. u need 2 be confident & carry urself with grace & panache. Be likeable, but yet, be some1 who’s taken seriously.

Appear Busy (unavailable) Even u Are Single:

No guy desires a girl who’s easily available. Play hard 2 get. Talk 2 boys but keep them at a distance. Do not be a pushover & do not let any1 take u 4 granted. Never run errands 4 guys.  Learn 2 be unpredictable when u are talking 2 guys. & at times, even fussy & moody. As much as guys say they 
want a girl who can get along, they still want a fussy princess.After all, Archie still runs behind Veronica rather than Betty. Makes u wonder, does not it? u know the rules of playing hard 2 get, so play them & play them well.


Now good looks are an added advantage if u want 2 know how to get a boyfriend. But the real key 2 getting a great boyfriend is not good looks, but knowing how 2 look good.Most of the glamorous celebrities & models do not really have the prettiest faces or bodies, but it’s the way they carry themselves & groom themselves that makes them look so stunning. Katy Perry & Lady Gaga may not be the prettiest women without their makeup & their attitude. But any guy would love 2 date them or go out with them.S2p focusing on ur flaws & pay attention 2 what’s good in u. & be4 u know 
it, u can dazzle any guy with ur poise, confidence & the way u carry urself. 

The Right Signals:

Do u like a guy? Then send out the right signals only 2 him. Look at him now & then, & let him notice that. Blush a bit, flutter ur eyelashes or run ur h&s through ur hair coyly, just above ur ears. But never overdo it & make urself seem like a stalker. Stare at the guy u like 4 a few seconds & snub him 4 a couple of days. Make him want u, & never let him know that u want him.Let him crave 4 ur attention & make him come 2 u. The secret behind knowing how to get a boyfriend all girls desire is 2 draw him & confuse him, & never letting him know he is got the upper h& in the flirty game. Never make it obvious by telling all ur friends & giggling like he is ur teenage crush! Stare at him deeply now & then, & ignore him 4 a few days. u hold the reins in this game, & he’ll come begging 2 u in no time.

Learn 2 Be Sweet:

Once u have his attention, make him come 2 u. Smile at him when u are at the other end of the hall, but ignore him when he is close by. That would confuse him, & yet, make him crazy about u.
Do not flirt with 2o many guys, assuming it would make him jealous. It could make him think u are a tramp. u can be rude 2 any guy though, who tries misbehaving around u or tries 2 hit on u when the guy u like is around. Snubbing other guys makes the guy u like want u even more.
& when he finally works up the courage 2 ask u out, be sweet with him. Make him feel special, & let him understand that he is being treated nicely. Do not overdo it, but make him feel warm & fuzzy 4 having a conversation with u. & if he ever talks about u staring at him or smiling at him from across the hall, deny it outright & get fussy.Never let him know that u accept making the first move. Always make it look like it was him & him al1 who made all the moves 2 talk 2 u. That’s how u 
play fussy, sweet & hard 2 get all at once!

Making Him Fall 4 U:

Everybody wants 2 be with some1 who makes them a better person. It makes us feel good about ourselves & reassures us that we can be good people if we try. Make this guy the best version of himself by encouraging him 2 do the things he loves & giving him the space 2 do those things.
Remember: do not 2 be condescending, push unwanted advice & help, or try 2 change him in2 what u want him 2 be. Helping him 2 be his best self is about helping him make the changes that he wants in his life, not turning him in2 what u want him 2 be.

By following these simple steps u will know how to get a boyfriend?, Also u will be able 2 get attention of a guy u want :)

Tips: How to get a boyfriend?

• When u tell him u like him, do not 4get 2 be positive. He may either be totally in2 u or maybe not. The best way 2 know if he likes u is not by what he says but what he does. If he has been consistent & persistent in getting close 2 u, then he likes u. If he ignores u, does not call when he says he will or isn't physically or verbally affectionate then he's not that in2 u, even if he's generally polite & thinks u are a nice person. it is possible 2 like some1 as a person but not have the desire 2 be with them.

• If u are still a student in school & have any classes with him, ask him 2 go hang & work on homework 2gether. The more time u have al1, the better.

• If u think u like him, but do not feel com4table or urself around him, he may not be the right 1 4 u.

• When u are talking 2 him, do not act all dumb when he telling u something u do not know what he talking about, try 2 change the subject 2 something that u both know about that is fun or interesting.

• Do not go straight in; give him time & space 2 decide what he wants 2 do. 

• If he does not want 2 go out on a date straight away, do not 4ce him. He will ask u out when he is ready.

• Just have fun with him & be urself!

• Do not gossip about other girls 2 him, guys hate that. It will bore him & also even annoy him.

• Romantic relationships are fulfilling only when their girl is h1st as well as caring & considerate 2wards them. They expect u 2 be trustworthy & be able 2 bes2w trust upon them as well.

• Remember, all boys are different, so choose the 1 who u think has a nice personality & can make u happy. it is usually the nice, quiet, geeky guys who make the best boyfriends. Since they do not have 2o much luck with girls, they will really value the 1 who gave them a chance.

• Do not try 2 make the person u are in a relationship with jealous. It weakens trust & is aggravating. It will almost always drive the other person away eventually.

• If he tells u he does not like u, do not cry on front of him, be brave. Later on, u can start crying when ur friends are with u, they will help out!

• Remember, it is not all about how "good looking" they are, it is more how they act 2wards u, others. & also his personality. If it is just about the looks, & u get 2 know him, he might not be the 1 4 u.

• Do not use cheesy pickup lines. Guys do not like that because realistically they use them.

• Do not 4ce him 2 do anything u want him 2 do. If he wants 2 do it, something 2 get u two laughing is 2 say "Sure, I will let u tag along!"

• 2 find out if a guy likes u, go somewhere private & discuss what they think of u.

• Always be urself around him - u want him 2 like u 4 urself!

• Do not be shy, be urself! If ur shy then just think about this, if a boy will ask u something or tell u something then just think that it will be more weird if u do not say something!

• Start with friendship & try 2 get 2 know him better be4e u decide if u want 2 date him or not.

• Do not try 2 be some1 u are not! Change can be good at times, but only if u stick 2 urself.

• Meet his friends because if they do not like u then this will make ur crush feel uncom4table, which could lead 2 friendship problems. u will have more choice later on, if u break up with ur crush & u will already be friends.

• Just be urself & do not talk 2o much about urself.

• Do not go fast with a relationship. Let it take its course & never rush it.

• Interact with his friends. Once he realizes that u & him will hang out more often, he will tend 2 feel more com4table around u.

• Do not act goofy & weird; stay cool , glance at him in class until he looks at u then make sure he notices u looking away. This will seem interesting 2 him & he will think about it (do not do it 2o much!).


• If u realize that he is trying 2 make another girl jealous, it would be a complete waste of time 2 be with him.

• Do not let him get u down. If he is trying 2 change u, break up with him. He obviously does not like u 4 who u are.

• Do not be pressured in2 a relationship. If u feel threatened or pushed 2 do things u do not want 2, end ur relationship. No 1 has the right 2 make u feel that way.

• Do not date people 4 dares; when the truth comes out, ur date will feel very hurt.

• Do not get upset if a relationship does not work out. There are plenty of nice guys out there who would be perfect 4 u.

• Never hang out with other guys who might end up sending the wrong message 2 the guy u like.

• Seeming "clingy" & "dependent" runs u the risk of quickly becoming a turn-off 4 them. they will end up dumping u. Make sure that does not happen by creating a wide network of friends & by changing a wrong attitude.

• Do not act snobby, or he won't like u. u might see other girls doing that, but that is not why they like them. it is either because of his body or something of the sort. If it is not that, he is a terrible person. So, just move on.

• If u have something that u want 2 share but afraid that he will felt bad, write a note & put it in his purse or something like that.