How to impress a girl | Impress girls | Tips to Impress girl

How to impress a girl | Impress girls | Tips to Impress girl

To impress a girl is not difficult it is very easy but you should know what you are doing, remembered one thing be sincere and genuine. To know completley how to impress a girl read this article on how to impress girl full.

Apparently, the way 2 impress a girl is the following:

○ Buy her flowers
○ Take her 2 expensive restaurants
○ Brag about the important people u know
○ Tell s2ries about the exciting things u have done
○ Learn 2 be a good listener

These things worked 4 peoples in the past.

When u have 2 listen Do Just That:

This is something u really need 2 get in2 ur head. Listen 2 her. Really listen.I know she is hot. She probably has the best knocks u have ever seen. But hold it in ur pants, boy. What do u want, really?A wonderful person who is beautiful & has great knocks 2 spend time with maybe ur entire life? Or some1 2 get in2 ur pants, & zip, zap & zoom while u wait naked in the room.
Remember this, getting a girl 2 talk 2 u (contrary 2 popular belief) is the easy part. Knowing how to impress a girl is the 2ugh nut!

Impress with ur eye contact:

Girls love it when u have an intense eye contact. Wait, now do not just stare. Learn how to impress a girl with ur eyes. Converse through ur eyes. Let ur eyes tell her that u r enjoying her company & u love being with her.When u feel it, trust me, it shows. Concentrate on her face, however hard 
it is. u can stare at her awe-inspiring cleavage when she turns around 2 talk 2 her friend. Involve urself in the conversation, & add in a few nods every now & then, & let her know that u r 2tally interested in the conversation.
Can u 2uch a girl? Obviously u can. But do not. Unless u want 2 be charged 4 groping an innocent girl in public. There is a right time 2 2uch & a time when u pretend she is an eleven thousands volt live wire. She might not show her displeasure when u mildly molest her (by 2uching this girl, u are doing just that).But I can assure u that if she does not like it when u 2uch her, this could be the last conversation u would ever have with this girl.

The signs that show she is impressed:

There r these little signs she shows u that can pretty much be unders2od as a Go signal 2 2uch her occasionally, & that u have done a good job brushing up ur skills on how 2 impress a girl.
What’s that u say?
No. she is not going 2 grope all over ur pants.There are a few signs, like say, she does that thing with her eyes & tucks her hair behind her ear. Or maybe giggles quite a lot, & occasionally leans 
2wards u.She flutters her eyelids & tucks her hair behind her ear. Or just perhaps, she starts 2uching u even be4e u 2uch her.Now, wipe ur brow, & give ur hands some exercise! Just a brush against her 
arm or maybe a hand on her back 2 draw her away from any impending danger, however small, is a good start.Do not ever 2uch her cheek. While trying 2 impress a girl, that is an instant shut down mode. This 2uch can get shoes & six inch heels flying! there is a way 2 get fresh with someone, & 2uching them all over is not going 2 help u in ur quest 2 impress a girl

How 2 impress a girl with humor:

It is great if u have a sense of humor. Girls dig that. it is awesome if u have got a funny bone in u, somewhere. Humor can draw women 2 u. All girls love 2 laugh & have a good time. Some girls enjoy the “laughing” thing so much, they even take it 2 bed with them. Especially in circumstances when u get naked in a dark room, & she says she does not smoke.
U can be humorous in ur own bumbling or cheeky manner, in any way as long as u do not make the woman uncom4table 2 be involved in ur conversation. If u receive a restraining order the next day, u know ur humor has let u down miserably.
Learn a few jokes. They come in handy when u need some damage control after she catches u staring at her tits.When it comes 2 understanding how to impress girls, u have 2 know that girls like guys just as much as guys like girls. What really works in favor of men more than just good looks is their attitude & the ability 2 be com4table with themselves & with women they meet. So most importantly, learn 2 love urself & the girls will fall right in love with u!

Tips to impress girls:

○ Be urself, so she likes u, not some1 else.

○ When u are having a hard time 2 impress a girl, try 2 just take a deep breath & let it go.

○ Do not be rude 2 her at any point of time. No girl likes some1 who is rude. Even if it is ur idea of impressing some1.

○ Some girls are natural flirts, but r not interested in u. Just because she hangs out all the time with u, hugs u & does other seductive things does not mean she likes u. Take things slowly so u can really know.

○ Admit u like her. it is always worth a shot.

○ Be a gentleman. That does not mean that u can not say a joke or two. In fact, u should try joking around in order 2 get a smile out of her.

○ Be ur bravest self, Take chances!

○ Whenever she is in a sad mood, try 2 com4t her & act like u care 4 her. Do not be awkward.

○ Always be nice 2 her. When u see her, smile at her. Make jokes so u can laugh 2gether.

○ Do not follow her around everywhere. It au2matically gives u a reputation as a stalker, & it may freak her out. Even following her just a little can create fear, depending on how u act.

○ Make her feel wanted/appreciated & let her know u like her it is one of the biggest compliments u can give her.

○ If u have braces, glasses or acne, do not be disheartened! Most girls do not mind what is on the outside, as long as u are not a 2tal slob. Some girls find braces & glasses attractive, & many will overlook a bad complexion.

○ Do not flirt with her 4 over a week & not ask her out. do not ask her out over social media: girls do not like it. The most important thing, though, is not 2 wait 2o long 2 ask her out.

○ If u play an instrument, make up a piece of music & play it 4 her, or play her favorite song.

○ Show sympathy & affection. If the girl u really enjoy being around is sad or hurt, give her a quick hug. do not just say that u r sorry & u hope she feels better. This works very well, because then the girl knows u care about her.

○ Stay in 2uch with her.

○ How u act can determine whether she will actually want u 2 be around her all the time or if even just seeing ur face is 2o much contact. If u know she sees u as a stalker, lay off because trying 2 do damage control tends 2 just worsen ur situation, instead try 2 get a friend of ur or of hers 2 intervene 
on ur behalf.

○ Sometimes try 2 be funny as girls like funny boys.

○ Work out & stay in shape.

○ Be specific what u saying 2 her as girls do not like guys who beat around the bush.

○ Adopt a good hairstyle that suits ur personality.

○ Schedule activities 4 her & her friends with u & ur guy friends. A little bit of showing off is ok, as long as u r helping them learn ur talent.

○ Do not tell her via any sort of messaging system what u r doing, no matter how "cool" u think it is. If u are going 2 see a movie with ur dad, chances are she does not care.

○ If she talks 2 u a lot & finds good excuses 2 2uch u, there is a good chance that she likes u.

○ If u have followed all the steps above & it did not work, do not feel disheartened. There r other girls out there that will be much more appreciative than the 1 who turned u down.

○ Try not 2 be over protective!

○ Dress nice & be well groomed.

○ Do not get 2o awkward, she might think ur really weird, & try 2 avoid u.

○ If u have acne or something of the nature, do not give up. Girls like guys 4 their personalities, not facial appearance.

○ Never hurt the emotions of the girl & be clean & discipline. Never shy.Always be special & let her 2 be special 4 u.

○ Ask ur dad some 4 help, he is already experienced on this matter & would be very knowledgeable on dating women.

○ Look the girl in the eye when u talk 2 her. do not be weird!.

○ Compliment her sometimes on something that she does not think that u will notice. When she is wearing something a little more special than normal, comment 2 her that she is looking especially nice.
○ If the girl does not like u, do not try 2 persuade her that she should. This will only make things worse. u can not explain 2 people how they should feel.

○ Avoid ignoring her while u r with ur friends. ur friends will always be around & if u consume time with them instead of her at the right moment, then u might miss that chance with her.

○ Do not curse in front of her. Some girls do not like boys who curse, so u do not want 2 take that chance.

○ On the first date, the farthest u should go is holding hands. This will show her that u do not want 2 let her go but u r not pressuring her in2 anything she does not want 2 do.

○ Be confident but do not let her get in2 ur grades.

○ Invite her 2 fun places such as amusement parks.