How to impress boys | Impress boyfriend | Impress a guy

How to impress boys | Impress boyfriend | Impress a guy

How to impress a boy? it is not difficult just used these ways and tips as a guidelines to get you crush notice you and impress him.The following ways and tips on how to impress a boy/boyfriend? will really works for you :)

How To Impress A Boy No#1:

Say ‘hello’ & start a free-flowing conversation. Nothing more. Do not make the mistake of throwing urself at the guy as that would make u look desperate & needy. & the last person a man wants 2 be with is some1 that is clingy.

How To Impress A Boy No#2:

Talk 2 him like u talk with ur guy friends or brother. Do not show that u r nervous or excited. If u show how giddy u can get just him talking 2 u, chances r he will feel that he has the upper-hand on u & would be filled with a surge of arrogance. Not a good thing.

How To Impress A Boy No#3:

Bringing up some interesting facts about u should be nice. But do not make it the start of ur conversation! That gives the conversation a ‘4mal’ feel 2 it. Now that would be nice if u r talking 2 a business partner. However, in situations like this, we want 2 keep it as cr-free & as enjoyable as possible.

How To Impress A Boy No#4:

Now it is the time 4 him 2 talk. Allow him 2 bring up some nice-2-know facts about himself such as hobbies, passions, & listen closely. These facts might give u some ideas 4 something 2 talk about the next time u meet.

How To Impress A Boy No#5:

Do not stay there talking 2 him 4 a long time. Give him the gift of missing u. However, u must keep this warning in mind that u do not cut the conversation because of an awkward moment or silence. u want something pleasant 2 register in his head be4e u go.

How To Impress A Boy No#6:

Do not be judgmental. But at the same time, do not be a pushover. If u do not like something, say it but do not make a big deal about it. The guy u like may be passionate about a few things that u do not appreciate, but that does not mean u should insult him 4 it. Show an interest in what he has 2 say, shr ur truthful opinions about it but do not get rude or judgmental.
At the start of a relationship, or when u just get 2 know the guy, it is very important 2 ensure that he takes u seriously. Ignore him or walk away if he throws his weight around u, speak curtly 2 him when he gives more attention 2 some1 else, & do not think twice about scolding him if he mistreats u.
If u do this right at the beginning of the relationship, he will respect u more. But at the same time, this should be used only when he takes u 4 granted. The rest of the time, be the sweetest girl in the world around him! 

How To Impress A Boy No#7:

Smile & laugh a lot around him. Guys r mesmerized by a girl’s laughter. Laugh at his jokes if u find him funny, & give him all ur attention when u r with him. u do not need 2 initiate 2o many conversations, just sit back & let him know that u r enjoying his company. he will do the rest, & get impressed by u 2o.

How To Impress A Boy No#8:

Debate with him. & win it. Men r awed by a woman’s emotional intelligence. Never let any guy behave like he is more intelligent than u. Be awr of what’s going on in ur world, & talk about it with him. A dumb bimbette could seem attractive 4 a few hours, but she will be the butt of his 
jokes after that.When a guy thinks u r unintelligent, he will think of u only as his arm c&y, not as his partner 4 life.

How To Impress A Boy No#9:

Be naughty. A naughty side is a huge turn on 2 every guy. Sit really close 2 him & watch him feel awkward around u. Brush his body, but make it seem like an accident. Behave like a coy girl, but tempt him innocently.

How To Impress A Boy No#10:

Do not give in 2o easily. Remember this if u want him 2 go crazy 4 u. Even if u like a guy a lot, do not give in 2o easily & try 2 please him from the very beginning. When u try 2 please a guy 2o soon, he will start taking it easy because he’d know that he is already won u over. & if he is a regular 
guy, he will s2p trying 2 woo u or impress u.
Even though u like him already, do not express ur mushy thoughts 2 him 4 several weeks. Date him or spend hours talking 2 him, but make sure he is completely in love with u be4e u tell him that u r crazy about him. Underst&ing how 2 make a guy chase u the right way is very important if u want 2 have a serious relationship with the guy u like. 

How To Impress A Boy No#11:

Tempt him with ur appearance. Dress well & look good all the time when he is around. u may assume that people who like u won’t judge u, but that is not always the truth. If u were dating the guy & he dresses shabbily while going out with u, would not u feel a small twinge of disappointment when u r walking down the street with him? Look ur best, awe every1 around u, & the guy u like will feel lucky 2 have a conversation with u. 

How To Impress A Boy No#12:

Smell great. Let ur fragrance linger when u hug him goodbye or walk past him. Guys r suckers 4 good perfume, especially when the girl they r interested in leaves behind a waft of perfume in the air. Try several perfumes & pick the 1s that best suit ur personality.
Spray the perfume on ur wrists, behind ur ears & around ur neck or just under the collarb1. & a spray in ur hair will ensure that u leave ur fragrance behind whenever u walk past a guy. Just remember not 2 rub ur perfume with ur h&s through because that just kills the fragrance. 

How To Impress A Boy No#13:

Be kind 2 every1. Guys r instinctively drawn 2wards kinder girls who seem pleasant & approachable. Be warm when u speak 2 guys, even if u rn’t interested in dating them. do not insult a guy who tries 2 talk 2 u just because he is not a great conversationalist. But at the same time, do not put up with guys that treat u disrespectfully.

How To Impress A Boy No#14:

Be spontaneous & alive. do not be a bore who does not like talking much. Even when u r with friends, play an active part & be involved with them. Guys may love a shy girl, but no 1 appreciates some1 who is just a part of the furniture.
Participate in activities, have fun, & even when u r with the guy u like, do not be 2o predictable. Cut him in the middle of the conversation, & ask him 2 accompany u somewhere because u feel like it. When u r spontaneous & unpredictable, the guy would try harder 2 please u because he just can not 
underst& ur likes & dislikes.

How To Impress A Boy No#15:

Show the guy the competition. do not ignore all other guys when 1 guy gives u the attention. When u let a guy know that u r only interested in talking 2 him, he will assume he is already won u over. Talk sweetly 2 other cute guys, flirt casually & have fun even if the guy u like is around.
Remember, u r not dating him yet, so let him see that he has a lot of competition 2 deal with if he wants 2 date exclusively with u. The more the competition, the more respectful he will be 2wards u & the harder he will try 2 woo u.

How To Impress A Boy No#16:

Do not use him. Just because he is sweet enough 2 offer his help does not mean u need 2 use him all the time 2 run ur err&s. Ask his help so he feels like a chivalrous gentleman when he is around u. But do it the right way.

How To Impress A Boy No#17:

Leave in a memorable manner. The best way 2 impress a guy is by leaving him with exciting & memorable memories of u. Flirt with the guy u like now & then without making it obvious that u r outrageously flirting with him or trying 2 impress him. When u subtly flirt with him in a not-so obvious manner, he can not help but constantly remember u & wonder if u actually flirted with him or it was just his imagination. 

Tips On: How to impress boys | Impress a guy | Flirt with boys | Impress boyfriend

○ If he is feeling very angry & he says 'leave me alone', do not s2rm off. It is probably something that has nothing 2 do with u.

○ Be confident, get 2 know him, then when u know ur ready, take it 2 the next level.

○ Do not argue around him because if u do sometimes he may think u r a bad person.

○ If u want 2 hang out with him, ask him 2 go 2 a movie with u. Scary movies r great because u can lean in2 him at the scary parts.

○ Be urself..No need 2 show off. Trust me, he will like u.

○ Sometimes some girls have tempers!! Try 2 control it! do not let him see u have tempers or he will think u r mean & a bad person.

○ Do not talk 2 him 2o much. If u r hovering around him all the time making conversation, it's annoying & he may think u r creepy or obsessive.

○ If he likes video games that u have not played, or comic books that u have not read, or a TV show u have never watched, do not lie & say u have read, watched, or played them. It will eventually pop up in a conversation & he will find out u lied.

○ If ur personalities 2tally clash, do not try 2 change urself 4 him. IT won't turn out well.

○ Make sure he is available. If he has a girlfriend already, accept that.

○ When u get 2 know him well, ask 4 his number.

○ Do not be afraid 2 be different either. Most guys prefer girls who r not the exact same as every other girl on the planet. do not feel like u have 2 fit all the latest trends or do what the "popular" kids do.

○ Do not be afraid 2 talk 2 him at all! What's the worst that can happen? Try not 2 be shy.

○ Guys always like a bright smile & a romantic scent.

○ Do not try 2o hard. This is a major turn off, & it makes it look like u r obsessed. Even if u r obsessed, u do not want 2 show it.

○ Act cool, dress cool, & feel cool. But try 2 be urself. Following this tip could attract ur crush.

○ Always be nice 2 him. do not ever say u hate him because that 4 him is gonna say u r out of his league

○ Be urself. do not act like some1 u r not because guys tend 2 not like it when a girl is being 2o "fake". Never change who u r just 2 impress a guy.

○ Make sure u keep urself clean. Shower regularly, wear fresh clothes & use deodorant. Nothing is more repulsive than a girl with greasy hair & pit stains.

○ Make him laugh! Every1 loves a giggle or 2, & it could make him feel com4table around u.

○ Make sure that u r impressing the right guy.

○ Do not feel ashamed of sharing ur feelings with him. Make him feel that u can shr anything with him without hesitation.

○ If u really want 2 attract this guy 2 u, do not flirt or talk 2 2o many guys other than him. Guys like competition, but not 2o much.
○ Do not overdo anything. If u wear 2o much makeup or perfume, it will turn a guy off. 2o much perfume is like mosqui2 repellent 4 a guy.

○ Use perfume & body mist very lightly so u do not gag him or ur classmates/co-workers.

○ When u talk 2 him, tilt ur head & look from underneath ur eyelashes.

○ Do not keep thinking something like "when is he going 2 say will u be my girlfriend.

○ Twirl ur hair. When u twirl ur hair or talk 2 ur fellow classmate acting happy u r more likely 2 get his attention than being solemn. Do not change ur 2ne; a guy could notice that very easily.

○ If u have tried 2 get the same guy once be4e & failed, try looking cute every day & do not pay attention 2 him. He will pick up that u do not truly care 4 him.

○ Try 2 look as cute as possible while getting all of the other guys not 2 look at u.

○ Ask 4 his number so u can keep in 2uch.

○ Stay cool & ask him out the first time.

○ Make up is fine, but apply it in moderate amounts. If u look like a clown, u r not going 2 get him. A morning glow is nice, do not overdo it.

○ Never change urself 2 impress a crush. do not u want a guy who likes u 4 who u r? Besides, if he can not recognize how great u truly r, then he is not the guy 4 u.

○ Try not 2 go overboard with impressing him.

○ If u r wearing make-up 4 him, do not overdo it.

○ If he plays a sport u do not like at all, do not just play the sport 2 impress him! Find something else u have in common!

○ Do not expose ur love 4 him, because then he will know & he might not reciprocate the feelings.

○ If ur crush tells u that he is with some other girl, try not 2 take it so hard on urself & do not get so jealous & heartbroken.

○ Do not try 2 play hard 2 get or flirt with other guys. It makes him think u r a flirt & r just flirting with him 4 the fun of it. But do not try so hard 4 his attention either, find ur medium.

○ If u want 2 date him right away do not, just take it easy with him.
○ Do not dress sexy. Unless u already do. If not, dress simple, but hot, fashionable, & trendy.

○ Be honest, if u do not like something he says or actually r not in2 something he is, do not lie 2 impress him.