How to propose a girl | How to propose a girlfriend

How to propose a girl | How to propose a girlfriend

How to propose a girl ? in best way it is quit simple read out the article and get advantage from these ways & tips.

Things you'll Need Is Under:

  • A ring
  • Suitable location
  • Any other props such as roses, chocolates, jewelry

Tips on how to propose a girl:

Be urself :

The first tip is 2 be urself & never try 2 overdo anything. U can make it special & sweet even while keeping it simple. If u behave in ur natural way, u will find that everything will get along smoothly & com4tably.

Know your girl & propose accordingly:

There r some girls who still want their beloved 2 propose her in that traditional way. If ur girl is of that type u can bow down on ur knees & tell those three golden words that she wants 2 hear from u, just 2 impress her.

Make Special Plans:

Plan 4 a romantic dinner & make her feel special about her. Order her favourite dish & u can propose her either be4e dinner or during the time of dessert. u can play her favourite music as well. 
U can take her 2 that place where u met her 4 the first time & recreate the same environment & scene. This will make her recall everything & when u will propose her, she will definitely get moved & will say yes 2 u immediately.

Create a romantic moment:

Drive her 2 the beach & when the sun is just going 2 set, u can propose her. Girls like romantic moments & special occasions. u can play soft music while driving & make her feel that something special is going 2 happen with her that day.

Take her at a favourite spot:

U can go 2 the spot where both of u wanted 2 go & the place both of u like very much. With the much loved environment around u, u can propose her.

Buy a special gift for her: 

U can buy a charm bracelet or a ring & ask her ‘Will u marry me?’ while presenting it 2 her. Presenting a ring 2 her will help u convey ur message with an ease. Go near her with a bunch of red roses or take her somewhere out & then propose her.

Proposing in a unique way:

U can also talk 2 her prnts & then in front of them, propose her. u can also propose her in ur unique way & 4 this u should plan & prepr 4 the moment. 
These tips will certainly help u propose her in a special & unique way & u will surely be able 2 win her heart. However, u should also be sure that the girl also loves u. So do not hurry in presenting ur proposal, analyze ur relationship & u will get indications 4rom the girl u r dating. Now, go ahead & plan a date 2 propose her. Tell her what u have in ur heart 4 her.

Tips: How to propose a girl | How to propose a girlfriend

○ Do not worry if she says "No" or "I'll have 2 think about it" - this is a big step.

○ Originality is awesome, but do not go overboard.

○ When proposing do not be nervous & say the wrong things (although it is normal), Maybe record what u will say & sleep somewhere where only u can hear the recorded plan & play it & practice it so u won't make a mistake.

○ If possible, set up a video camera or ask someone 2 take pictures. These will be great 2 show 2 family members & friends.

○ Ask the restaurant if it can arrange a champagne 2ast 2 bring out after u have proposed.

○ If u r really clueless, ask her friends or family.

○ Evenings r a very romantic time 4 proposals but they're not essential, & 4 many people, a daytime proposal in a beautiful setting is just as romantic.

○ "Down on 1 knee" originally started as pose 4 gentlemen 2 show their ultimate respect 4 their bride 2 be, which is rather sweet!

○ Talk 2 her about it. If u really think that u can be 2gether 4 the next fifty years, u can talk about things like marriage. Make sure that she wants 2 marry u.

○ Consider hiring a pro. Some businesses specialize in personalized, creative will-u-marry-me events & offer services 2 help take the pressure off when u pop the question.

○ Have her pick out 3-5 rings that she would really like as an engagement ring. Every jewelry s2re said this was a good idea because even if she likes every aspect of the ring, she may still not cr 4 how it is put 2gether.


○ Try 2 avoid the cliches such as: over dinner; via a jumbotron; or hiding the ring in food. Tune in2 the places she loves.

○ Avoid saying corny lines or defeatist comments such as "I know this is what u've wanted all along, so now u r getting me 4 life".

○ Avoid diverting her by going on about not being the marriageable type, or having 2 run off soon. This is both cruel & unnecessary & could l& u in hot water when she ends up feeling frustrated & irritated with ur non-commitment or busy person lines. Anything that puts a dampener on the evening first will be hard 2 turn around. & even if she guesses what u r about 2 do, the suspense is still killing her & it won't be real until u've actually proposed. Think "fairy tale"!

○ Act normal in the lead-up 2 proposing 2 her. When u r out shopping 4 a ring, or organizing the proposal place, just tell her u r busy at work or with ur mates, rather than making up convoluted s2ries.

○ Calm ur nerves; it is hardly romantic if u end up spluttering or vomiting out of fear.

○ If u r nervous hire a proposal planner 2 coordinate & execute ur details the day of, so u r not worried about them &/or act out of character. This is the root 4 most proposal day arguments.