How to propose a boy | How to propose a boyfriend

How to propose a boy | How to propose a boyfriend

How to propose a boy? in the great,impressive way it is quit simple read out the article & get advantage from these ways & tips.

Ways: How to propose a boy?

Have lots of conversations with him about marriage & commitment, so that u know u r on the same page. Do u shr ideas & values? Do u shr a common outlook? Do u both want 2 do this?

If u r not sure he would feel com4table being proposed 2, find a casual way 2 find out. Shr a s2ry about another woman who proposed (I have got 1 coming up 4 u!) 2 see how he responds.

If u want 2 really twist the tradition on its ear, consider asking his mother 4 his hand in marriage! This list of how 2 ask a man 4 his daughter's hand in marriage is actually pretty helpful, & has the bonus of being slightly amusing when u flip the genders: "Promise [her] that u'll take cr of [her son] 4 the rest of [his] life."

Pick a symbolic gift, if u want 1. It 2tally does not have 2 be a ring Start scheming! The web is FILLED with proposal ideas, but I'm guessing crafting 1 unique 2 ur relationship would be way more special than any over-engineered feat of romance.

Tips: How to propose a boy | How to propose a boyfriend | Romantic ways to propose a boy/girl

○ The question of when 2 pop the question is an inquiry that has 2rtured mankind 4 ages. It is impossible 2 address the entire complexity of this issue in 1 article. Use ur heart, ur head, & ur sense of trust in the relationship as ur main sources of guidance.

○ Be sure that u r not going 2 be in an awkward position. Some guys love the idea of proposing but then there r others who get their back up at the idea. Find out which guy urs is first.

○ Sometimes the proposal just gets blurted out in a moment in time where u two r just so exceedingly happy & feeling deep love 4 1 another. 

○ This can work if u have already done the thinking about it all be4ehand but do not rely on this method. It is always best 2 think ahead & plan well.
○ 4 the ring, it can be a good idea 2 have an idea of where u would like 2 get it from, without seeming pushy or assuming that he was already going 2 say yes!

○ If he likes eating out, take him out 2 his favorite restaurant. If u want a little more privacy make a beautiful c&lelight dinner at home with all his favorite foods. After dinner, while u r relaxing at home with romantic music & a glass of wine, pop the question.

○ Be more expressive while talking with him & be genuine.

○ Do not try 2 talk 2 him whenever u meet him, sometimes give him the chance 2 start a conversation with u.

○ If he wants some time 2 think over the matter, give him some time. Keep away from him, during this time, do not loiter around him this may make him feel uncom4table.

○ Guys can be highly emotional & tend 2 feel vulnerable in overwhelming emotional situations. So make sure u both r in a place that is not 2o crowded. The idea of proposing ur guy in the middle of a game is not very ideal!'

○ The right time 4 proposing also aids in making it a yes 4m ur beloved. It is not necessary 2 propose him on Valentine’s Day but make sure there r no other confusions around.

○ Make it memorable. A guy loves 2 be wooed as much as girls do. Propose in a place that means a lot 2 him. Maybe a neighborhood park where he grew up chasing squirrels, or the place where u went 4 ur first date, all r special 2 him & can be made memorable by proposing him there.

○ In this age of emails & sms, love letters do have a magical effect on ur beloved. It is a lot easier 4 girls who r shy or introvert or who feel that things r better expressed when written than said. Do not use extremely flowery language as it will look like an essay, just be simple & lay ur emotions on the paper.

○ Not only girls, even guys love 2 receive flowers. So this Valentine's Day, send him a big bouquet of roses & card in which it is written," Will u marry me?"

○ A girl 2o can propose by recording a CD of the moments they have shrd 2gether with a common song of their choice & get it delivered at his home. u can even be there while he is watching it 4 his instant reaction.

○ If u r bold enough & carry it well, get down on knees & propose him in a feminine style. It will surely take his heart as he will lot impressive & wooed. Don’t show desperation as u might end up loosing him Put a ring in a glass of juice & amaze him with the proposal. He will be quite surprised with this gesture & will say yes.

○ Radio has again come in the limelight these days & proposing ur beloved live will be a sweet gesture, that will insist him on his own 2 say yes.

○ If he rejects u, do not feel sad.


○ Do not do it if u feel that he is not interested in u.

○ If he avoids u, does not look at u while talking 2 u, tries not 2 cross ur path then he does not like u & it would be better if u just leave him & move on.